Celebration of Montréal's 375th Anniversary


Montréal has never needed a reason to party, but this year the wonderful city gets to celebrate its 375th anniversary.

As you’d expect for such a major milestone and exuberant place, there’s lots planned to ensure the celebrations go with a real Montréal swing. The event offers locals and visitors alike a chance to enjoy the rich history and diverse culture of this iconic city. 

One of the highlights includes Cité Mémoire - a delightful opportunity to wander around old Montreal and to see the city’s previous inhabitants come to life. It’s scheduled to take place every evening at dusk from May 18th. It’s also worth exploring Montréal’s many different areas to see Neighbourhoods come alive for the 375th which capitalizes on the unique characteristics and history of each quartier. 

For a more immersive experience. try ‘Encounters in New France’ which allows visitors to explore what life would have been like in the public markets, arts and crafts from the time of the French Regime, and the kind of people who would have made their living there. If you fancy taking a walk along the scenic route between the celebrated Maison Saint-Gabriel and the Musée de Lachine, then don’t forget to download the free anniversary app which provides a great guide to the scenery, and allows you to enjoy the area’s history at the same time.


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