Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

We provide chauffeured vehicle services for corporates, students and religious events. We can be of help for conventions, staff transportation, tradeshow, team sports transportation, apple pick, sugar shake, city tour, resort transportation, cruise shuttle, guide, airport pick-up and drop-off, airport meet and greet, wedding, and personalized transportation solutions.

What bus type should I charter? (What’s the difference between a motor coach, midsized coach, minibus, school bus/yellow bus, Limo bus/party bus, luxury sedan and van?)

You can find a reference guide to the most common types and their industry names by clicking https://www.laymantransport.com/vehicles.

Can you serve a small group like 3-5 passengers?

Yes we can. We offer various sizes: 3, 6, 7, 12, 14, 15, 21, 24, 32, 46, 50 and 56 passenger vehicles for your charter plans. Our large fleet permits to service any group size, meet low budget and run into a customized route.

How many hours I can use your service per day?

Layman’s qualified and professional drivers are restricted by federal and provincial laws. After completing his on-duty hours as described below, the driver must take 8 hours off after which he can re-log to embark again on the cycle. For your information, here is a sum-up of the Canadian and U.S. Hours of Service Rules:

Quebec: 13 hours of driving within amplitude of 15 hours
Ontario: 12 hours of driving within amplitude of 15 hours
US: 10 hours of driving within amplitude of 15 hours

Do you have insurance cover for both buses and passengers?

Yes. We are fully insured with both Canada and US coverage.

What amenities are your coaches equipped with?

Our coaches are fully equipped with a large underneath and an overhead luggage storage, reclining seats, CD and DVD player, PA system (Microphone), wide tinted windows, etc. All buses with 50 seats or more come with restroom. Some coaches have Wi-Fi and outlets. Please click https://www.laymantransport.com/rent/1/motor-coach-bus for further details.

Do you offer 7 day 24 hour customer services? Who can I talk to for emergencies?

For emergencies, please dial+1 (855)529-3626 (LAY-3-MAN). Our dispatch staff can assist you at any time.

What information I should provide to get an accurate quote?

You have to submit the following information: the date of service, the size of the vehicle, the number of people traveling, the pick-up city, address and time, the destination address, as well as the return date and leaving time.

How do you calculate your price?

The price is based on the mileage and the number of hours the bus will be tied up for your service. Other requirements like minimum/maximum hours, daily and season rates may impact the quote.

Are any other costs involved?

In general our quote does not include items like hotel and gratuities for driver(s), tolls and parking fees or entrance fees to attractions. Additional charges include: 

  • Highway/Bridge Tolls, Entrance Fees, Ferry Charges, Parking and City Permits.
  • Airport Fee applies to each airport pick-up transfer, no airport fee required for drop off at airport.
  • For trips on holiday weekends and statutory holidays, the rates may be different.
  • Private rooms are required for each driver on multi-day trips.
  • Extra charges may apply for non-previously confirmed local use of buses.

If we don’t have an itinerary now, can we still book the bus and send you the itinerary later?

Yes, however the price may vary if the itinerary happens to not reflect the details provided before. A detailed itinerary is required at least two weeks prior to departure.

We booked a bus with you last year. Can you offer the same price this year?

It is possible. But keep in mind that there may be an increase of 1 to 3% depending on inflation.

If I rent a bus for my wedding (a special event), can we decorate the bus with signs?

You can put the signs on windows.

Can I bring a car seat on board?

The parents can have their babies on the knees. You are welcome to use your own car seats on board. We will assign a bus equipped with proper hooks.

When should the booking deposit be paid to hold the reservation?

Deposit is required when the reservation is made, and the balance is due 2 weeks prior to the date of service.

What are your payment methods?

We accept different means of payment: Visa or Master card, check (to be mailed to our Office) direct deposit into our Bank account; wire transfer or e-transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be notified 2 weeks before the date of service, otherwise 75% of the total amount will be invoiced and 25% of the remaining will be applied in next charter.

When is booking considered successfully booked?

Once we receive your signed booking, Terms & Conditions as well as deposit.

When can I get driver’s name and his cell number?

Once our dispatch department assigns a driver for the trip, we will send you the driver’s name and phone number 1 or 2 days prior to the trip.

I need the driver’s name to book a hotel room. Can you give it to me earlier?

You can make the booking under Layman Transport by explaining the driver is not assigned yet. Most hotels deal with this reality.

How far in advance do I need to make a bus reservation?

The sooner you reserve the better. We recommend you to book with us once you have an outline itinerary of your outings. Last minute bookings will be depending on our availability.

How do I know when my charter bus has arrived?

Your uniformed driver (suit and tie) will show up 15 minutes before the confirmed time at the indicated address in order for the group to load the bus.

Do I have to pay for longer airport waiting when the flight is delayed?

For airport pick-up service, we offer 45 minutes free waiting time for domestic flights and 90 minutes free for international flights. It’s the client’s responsibility to provide accurate flight number. Our dispatch staffs will track the flight status accordingly.

Can I bring food on board?

It is not allowed to eat on board. We can tolerate some snacks however the group has to make sure they leave the bus clean. Any damage from food or drinks to the bus will be charged to the group.

Does the bus have enough room for luggage and other items?

Yes. All of our coaches offer a wide underneath luggage compartment to store most of the commonly transportable belongings. The overhead space can serve for small bags as well.

Can we make stops on the way?

Our drivers will make stops based on the itinerary you provide. In most of long distance trips, a stop is necessary to stretch the legs or relax. A cost may apply if the stop point involves additional miles or alternates the initially confirmed itinerary.

I have a driving license for minibus, can I drive the bus rent from you by myself?

We do not offer this kind of service. All of our vehicles come with strictly selected and trained drivers. 

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