7 Things You Should Consider Before Chartering a Bus

Leyla Alvarez

Layman Transport has prepared a list on everything you should know before chartering a bus. It’s important to start by defining what exactly your needs are before making any final decision and then you can think about what kind of bus is right for you...

Chartering a bus can seem like such an easy task. You pay the rental service, hop in your ride of choice and go from point A to B. No prior thought required! Unfortunately, this is not quite the case for everyone. Different people have different needs and these needs should absolutely be taken in account when choosing the right vehicle for your upcoming trip. It’s important to start by defining what exactly your needs are before making any final decision and then you can think about what kind of bus is right for you. Layman Transport has prepared a list on everything you should know before chartering a bus.

1. How to pick the best bus rental company?

The first step of hiring bus rental services is to find a well-trusted company that can meet your expectations. Seek for a company that offers a great quality of service before even looking at pricing. You’ll probably want to ask a couple questions to make sure you are in good hands.

Do some researches on your own and look at the reviews of experiences from past clients.

Choose a bus charter operator ranked among the best, a lot of positive feedback & satisfied clients should help you make an easy choice.

Ask them about the condition of their fleet, a good company will maintain their buses regularly to ensure that they can meet the requirements of their clients. Also, newer buses will always give a better performance than older buses and have less chance of breaking down during the trip.

The equipment and the driver should be licensed but get some information on the driver’s background, his level of training and experience.

Ensure that they are always responsive to emergencies and if someone can assist you at anytime to avoid. You might not need it but it’s always good to have it for your peace of mind!

2. What bus type should I charter?

Layman Transport offers a wide range of vehicle options and our large fleet can cover every need under the sun!

The first thing that needs to be considered is: what is your desire level of comfort you want bus? Will you be driving long distances? If so, you will probably want to select a luxurious bus that provides a higher level of comfort. Amenities like A/C, Wi-Fi and, CD and DVD player, PA system (Microphone) equipment are available on many of our buses for your satisfaction.

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter, at least when it comes to renting a vehicle! 

The law strictly prohibits exceeding the bus’s capacity which makes it important to know the exact number of people in your group to help you choose which bus size suits you best. Choose the perfect fit for you group and start by getting an accurate headcount. If the number of passengers is higher than 20 people, opt for a School Bus or Coach Bus. If it is less than 20 people, rent Minibus or Van.

As soon as you know the size of the bus you need, the number of people traveling, you are ready to submit your request!

3. What’s the difference between a Coach and School Bus?

Coaches and School Buses are mainly used to carry large groups from one place to another.

However, there is a difference with their common use, comfort and pricing even if both are confusedly referred to as buses. 

Our yellow School Bus can accommodate up to 48 adults or 72 children and is very practical and economical option for shorter trips. It is one of the safest, most reliable, and most affordable ways of transportation frequently used by day care and schools.

Activities: Apple picking, Maple hut, School outing, wedding shuttles, etc.…

Our Minibus is more convenient and inexpensive way for smaller groups to travel and it can carry up to 24 passengers. In addition, it offers a generous luggage capacity and comfortable seating. It’s an excellent choice for shuttle service, business-related trips and airport transfers in the city.

Activities: Corporate events, Business Meetings, Sightseeing Tours, Religious activities, Sports Events…

Our Fully-loaded Motor Coach can fit up to 56 people and it is the most comfortable and spacious vehicle in our fleet. The onboard restrooms make it the best choice for long-distance trips. If you have a lot of luggage it has a wide underneath luggage compartment to store your belongings, and overhead space can serve for small bags as well. It’s the perfect vehicle for airport transfers and you can also enjoy the spectacular views or sites through the large side windows during sight seeing tours.

Activities: Airport Transfers, Executive Events, Excursions, Cruise Shuttles, Convention Services, Guided Tours, Multiday trips, etc.…

4.  What information should I give when I submit my request?

After you have defined your specific needs choose which size vehicle you want and have a good idea of your itinerary; you are ready to get your quote from one of our staff members. Our team is dedicated to offer a personalized assistance to each customer!

In order to provide you with accurate quote, give as much information as possible. You must submit the following information: the date of service, the pick-up city, address and time, the destination address, as well as the return date and leaving time.

5. How do you calculate your price?

The price of your bus rental quote is based on the mileage and the number of hours the bus will be tied up for your service. A cost may apply if you add some extra stops or miles to the initially confirmed itinerary. Keep in mind that other requirements like minimum/maximum hours, daily and season rates may impact the quote. If you have room in your budget, amenities aren’t going to change your quote in a big way.

Once you are satisfied with the quote you received, you are all set to start the booking process!

6. Is there something else I should know before booking the service?

It’s always better to avoid any bad surprises before chartering a bus. That’s why you should be aware and prepared for any extra costs that are not included in the quote.

Driver’s gratuity is at the discretion of the costumer. According to your preference, you can choose to add it to your booking, or you can tip our driver on the spot

Especially for a long-distance or multi day trip, it is good to know that the group is responsible for the driver’s accommodation. Layman’s qualified and professional drivers are restricted by federal and provincial laws. The driver must take 8 hours off after driving a certain number of hours before embarking on the road again. As described below, here is a sum-up of the Canadian and U.S. Hours of Service Rules:

Quebec: 13 hours of driving within amplitude of 15 hours
Ontario: 12 hours of driving within amplitude of 15 hours
US: 10 hours of driving within amplitude of 15 hours

Other fees like tolls, parking, as well as any ferry or bridge fees are not included but are at the cost of the group.

7. When should I book the bus for my trip?

As we always like to say, the sooner the better.Since we receive a high volume of demands, we recommend to confirm the service with us as soon as you have general plan of your itinerary and the date of your trip.Last minute bookings will be depending on our availability. Once we receive your signed booking, Terms & Conditions as well as the deposit or full payment (needed 2 weeks before your trip), all you need to do is to wait the day prior to the departure date for our Dispatch department to send you the driver’s information!

As you can see, there are many things worth considering when you book a busSubmit your request right now, and one of your representatives will follow up with you shortly!  



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